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A.A.E. Program Information

The IAAE Canada Accreditation Program is comparable to a 4th year university academic level and challenges candidates to prove their knowledge and skills in three distinct ways: Passing an exam, completing the written requirement and excelling at the Board of Examiners panel interview.
Candidates have 3 years to complete the program.


Prospective accreditation candidates must be:

The Process:

Once you have determined you meet the program pre-requisites, please submit your latest resume and a signed copy of the Code of Ethics(download) asap after you register to iaaecanada%23org|michelle.

The Three Phases:

Stage 1.     EXAM

The written exam is a 150 multiple-choice questionnaire developed by the IAAEC Accreditation Committee & the IAAEC Board of Examiners, with input from aviation and education experts. The exam is based on the IAAEC body of knowledge that includes; Airport Development, Management and Operations in Canada by E.R. Syme; IAAE Canada Accreditation Program Study Guide and Canadian Aviation Regulations. Candidates will receive these materials once the application is accepted.

IAAE Canada offers an annual Accreditation Academy. During this week-long program, candidates will review the text book and study guide materials with a facilitator and take the exam. A $200 exam fee applies for all self-study candidates which is due prior to writing the exam.

The exam is composed of 5 segments: Administration & Finance; Planning, Construction & Environment; Operations & Maintenance; Communications & Marketing; and Safety & Security.
A passing grade requires a minimum 60% in each of the five segments.

In the event that a candidate fails to reach the 60% minimum in one or more segments, they can re-take the exam. Candidates must wait 30 days before making a second attempt and are only required to re-write the segment(s) where the minimum score was not attained. IAAEC will coordinate all examination rewrites.

Completion of this phase awards the Certified Member (C.M) designation.

A mentor will be provided to assist you with the next stages.

Stage 2.     Writing Requirement Phase

Effective January 1st, 2017 candidates have the following options when it comes to completing Stage 2 of the program, which will now be referred to as the Written Requirement: Select one of the five options to complete the writing requirement:
•  Management Research Paper - Write a management research paper of 20-30 pages on a topic that is broadly applicable to airport management proposing a set of guidelines  to manage a problem or set forth an argument for implementing a project or using a methodology.
•  Case Study - Prepare a case study of 20-30 pages to recount/analyze the steps or measures taken by a specific airport or airport system in implementing a project or managing a problem.
•  Presentation – prepare and present a topic at FOAM.  The 20-30 minute presentation package must include handouts, outline and PowerPoint slides.  
•  Proctored Essay - Respond to two industry-related questions within a four-hour time limit via an on-line proctored essay system.
•  Master's Transcript or Above - Submit an official transcript of record from an accredited university or college to IAAEC to verify that you have earned an advanced degree.
The Written Requirement will apply to both the AAE and AAP programs.

Stage 3.      INTERVIEW

All candidates are required to complete an oral interview by a panel of at least three members of the Board of Examiners. The format for the Final Interview is similar to that of a high-level job interview and will determine the candidate's overall knowledge of airport management. The average length of the final interview is two hours.

Preparation for this phase can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete. All candidates will be evaluated by their mentor to determine their readiness to complete the final interview phase. Once ready, the mentor will arrange the time and location for the interview.

Guidelines for the candidates are in the IAAE Canada ‘Candidates Guide to the Final Interview’. Contact IAAEC to receive a copy.

Upon completion of all 3 phases of the Accreditation Program the Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E) designation is awarded.


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