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“CDW is a Fortune 500 company providing hardware and software information technology products.

In order to make your job easier and save both you and your organization not only money , but also time , your company’s very own secure personalized website.  Once you are logged in you will have special corporate pricing reflected right away online.  This is first and foremost way to save you money and to let you know that I mean business.  I don’t want you waste valuable time quoting numerous vendors numerous times so I believe starting off right is key. 

In order to access your personalized website, please follow the directions below:

Go to

Click on the “LOG ON” button located in the top right corner

When it prompts you for your username and password, If this is your first time, you will need to create an account and logon details.

Now that you are logged in, you will have access to the 40,000 different products CDW Canada carries.  You will also notice a friendly interface all aimed at allowing you to find what you need.  Below are some of the more common uses of our website that our customers use repeatedly on a daily basis and I am sure you will find useful as well.

Pricing:  your special corporate pricing is immediately available once you log into the website.

My Purchases :  simply put, where your purchases can be found easily and includes tracking numbers .

Order Status :  lists all your recent orders and allows you to manage and see which orders are still outstanding.

Account Team : see your team – including me, my backup account manager who can help you when I am not available, and my manager! 

*Additionally, there are CDW Account Team Specialists !  They specialize in areas such as Power, LAN/WAN, Security, and Storage.  These folks live to help you find the right solution whether you are installing a new network or adding to an existing infrastructure.  This service is free to CDW customers.

Quotes : easily find all the quotes you create or I prepare especially for you.

Those are just a few of the many ways your personalized CDW website can help save you time and money.  Customers who use the CDW website love it.  If you have any questions please give me a call or send me an email!

I am your dedicated account manager, Kurt Tait,  and you can always come to me knowing that I am here to work together with you. “


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