Airport Wildlife-Williams Lake

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Instructor: Lisa Davidson BSc, C.M.

Duration: 2 days

Dates & Locations:
Postponed - Williams Lake Fire Hall, 230 Hodgson Road, Williams Lake, BC V2G 3P7.

Hotel - TBA

Course Schedule: The course will run from approximately 8am to 4pm each day.

Other Information: Enrollment includes lunches.

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Requirement √
Under Canadian Aviation Regulations an airport operator is required to establish a bird and wildlife management program. Airport operators are responsible for ensuring that all personnel involved with airport wildlife management are properly trained and receive refresher training at least every five years.  CARS 302.307, prescribes the requirement and criteria for airport wildlife training.

Course Description:

Training focuses on both the theory and philosophy of wildlife control at airports and on the practical aspects of airport wildlife management.

This course works with wildlife controllers in developing an effective wildlife control program. With the wildlife controllers a set standard for the wildlife control program will be created.

Wildlife controllers will be taught to use bird behavior to “teach” birds to avoid the airport, rather than rely on techniques to simply scare birds off the airport. While this is a more difficult set of skills to teach, it is the only system that will result in an effective wildlife control program. 

The objective of the course is to provide participants with effective tools and techniques to identify and control bird and wildlife species. In addition, the course will provide a “how to” in terms of developing a bird and wildlife management program specific to your airport.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:
IAAEC reserves the right to reschedule any program if the number of registrants is insufficient. Should this occur, we will notify all registrants and refund the registration fee in full.
• Any costs incurred by registrants, such as hotel cancellation fees or airline penalties, are the responsibility of the  registrants.
• Registrations are transferable.
• Cancellations 10 days prior to the date of the course will incur a $100 administration fee.
• No-shows will be responsible for the full course fee.


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