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Winter Aircraft Movement Surface Condition Inspection and Reporting (WAMSCR) including Friction Measurement – Global Reporting Format (GRF)

Presented by: Terry Townshend I.Eng., C.ENV., MSOE, MIRTE

This course has an ideal class size of, and minimum of 10 people. If you have more than 10, please contact us to disucss.

Course Description:
This course is three days in duration with the first two and one half days consisting of classroom work including two written, multi-choice tests and web-based computerized reporting. An additional half-day consists of individual student review of course material and tests, practical demonstration and practical testing.

The course is designed for those who manage or conduct inspections of runways, taxiways and apron surfaces, including measurement of runway friction, and provide AMSCRs to Air Traffic Control, Flight Service Specialists and/or aircraft operators in accordance with Transport Canada Civil Aviation Advisory Circulars (ACs). The knowledge and skills addressed in this course are intrinsic to the safe operation of aircraft on airports.

All requirements of the relevant Transport Canada regulations and Advisory Circulars are addressed, including the November 2020 Canadian protocols for compliance with Global Reporting Format (GRF) plus the standard and alternative methods of generating runway friction average values (CRFI).

The Transport Canada foundation reference documents are:
 •Aeronautics Act
 •TP 314 editions 4 and 5
 •NPAs 2001-257 & 258
 •ACs 300-005, 302-013 and 300-019

The course includes the reporting requirements of NAV Canada’s internet based web portal addressing the specific reporting methodology of the hosting airport and practicalities of delivering AMSCRs to NAV Canada using computerized reporting software, either directly on an office computer terminal or via a commercial in-vehicle computerized reporting system. Verbal and written form reporting are also addressed.

Theory and practice of condition assessment and reporting and the use of friction measuring instruments to generate the CRFI are fully covered together with the understanding and application of personal judgement that is new with the GRF protocols.

GRF condition reporting protocols are more complex and involved than those previously in place. Participants should have a basic knowledge of airfield conditions during winter and a minimum of three months full time experience in any of or a combination of the following: airfield winter maintenance, airfield winter operations or ARFF duties during winter. Without such experience the participant’s potential for certification is significantly reduced. Participants are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the ACs referenced above.

Certificates of Qualification are awarded to all participants who have fully attended the course and passed all tests. Certificates and the follow-up ‘Letter of Qualification’ certify that the participant has demonstrated their knowledge and skill in accordance with the requirements of Transport Canada Civil Aviation.

The course is intense so full attendance and 100% completion of all tests is required in order to receive a certificate. All participants receive one-on-one attention to ensure that all have had an opportunity to gain a full understanding of the material and to gain the required skills by the end of the course. This process is time consuming so each attendee should be aware that absence for a significant period may disqualify them from certification testing.

Refund & Cancellation Polic

IAAE Canada reserves the right to reschedule any program if the number of registrants is insufficient. In such an event all registrants will be notified and refunded the full registration fee.
• Any costs incurred by registrants, such as hotel cancellation fees or airline penalties, are the responsibility of
the registrants.
• Registrations are transferable.
• Cancellations will be accepted 30 days prior to the date of the course.
• No-shows will be responsible for the course fees plus a $50 administration fee.


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