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About Airport Membership
(For Individuals Currently Employed by an Airport)

Airport Membership shall be open to individuals who have active responsibility for the management, operation or administration of an airport, or of staff functions of an airport and is presently engaged in either activity as a gainful occupation.

The term "airport" as used herein shall mean and include any airport that is available for use by other than the owner or operator upon reasonable, uniform and non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

Membership with IAAE Canada shall be open to all persons, including those of all ages, races, religions, genders, disabilities or national origins, either individual or corporate, who are eligible for any one of the five classes of membership and who have qualified for membership in the manner set out by IAAE Canada's constitution and bylaws.

Airport Members who meet the requirements can apply to join the Accreditation Program. The member then becomes an Accreditation Candidate.

Upon completion of the accreditation exam the Accreditation Candidate will achieve Certified Member status and will use the designation C.M. after his or her name. Upon completion of all phases of the Accreditation Program the Accreditation Candidate will achieve "Accredited Airport Executive" status and will use the designation A.A.E. after his or her name, and the membership becomes an Accredited Member. The progam is set at the equivelant of a 4th year university academic level.

Please refer to the Certified Member and  Accreditation Program  information onsite.

To become an Airport Member, please complete the  Cart Register Form   Cart   Membership Renewal

Membership Benefits:

Canadian Airport e-Report — A report on current airport news in Canada that is emailed weekly. Business opportunities and job listings are also available in this report.

Forum — You will have access to the Members Only area of IAAE Canada’s web site, called the Forum. This web site provides information on  upcoming courses, conferences, job postings, membership lists & airport news.

IAAE Canada Annual Report — Printed annually and distributed via memory stick to members in good standing. It contains committee reports on activities for the past year including audited   financial statements and a list of the Corporate Members.

AAAE Publications — Subscribe to online publications for timely information on activities in the airport and airline industry worldwide:  AAAE This Week, Airport Report Today, AAAE Security SmartBrief, AAAE Environmental Watch.

AAAE Membership Directory — Accessible online at

AAAE Airport Management Library — Contains numerous reports, surveys and other current  written materials. The library can be accessed through the AAAE web site and this web site also provides extensive information on all aspects of airport operations.

Training Discount — All members get the discounted rate for all courses and conferences offered by both IAAE Canada and AAAE. If you are not attending, you have the option of lending your training discount to a fellow employee for the purpose of attending courses conferences at the same reduced cost.

Employment Opportunities — All available employment opportunities can be accessed on the web site. You can post jobs to expand your team or respond to jobs posted to find your next career.

Discounts With CompaniesPerkopolis is a 100% Canadian owned and operated employee discount program that provides access to exclusive discounts on a large number of products and services across Canada.

Networking — Professional networking opportunities at courses, conferences, the web site Forum and chapter meetings.

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