The Board of Directors of IAAE Canada is a committed group of volunteers who selfishly give of their time and resources to guide and advance the image of the Association. Rather than rewrite what is already available, let us quote from our Director's Handbook;

Page 6: Succession Planning

The most critical step in Board succession planning is identifying the desirable Board composition and skills mix.
A skills inventory table is kept up to date to assist with these discussions.

The basic qualifications for a director are as follows:
• Is a recognized individual knowledgeable about the field of airport management;
• Possesses superior leadership and communication skills;
• Has insight to help shape airport management training programs;
• Brings visibility and enhances the profile of the organization; and
• Is an IAAE Canada Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) who has active responsibility for the
management, operation or administration of an airport.
Other qualifications may be sought in addition to having a background associated with operations,
such as having an understanding of legal aspects, desirable professional affiliations, etc. to ensure
the required oversight can be provided.
IAAE Canada Accredited Airport Professionals (A.A.P.) and Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) who
do not have active responsibility for the management, operation or administration of an airport
may be considered for nomination at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Page 8: Director Duties

The duties of a Director are:

• participation in at least eight (8) monthly board meetings by phone conference call or in person where applicable;
• attend at least one IAAE Canada conference or annual general meeting per annum, except for just cause;
• participate in at least one subcommittee (virtual or otherwise) if assigned;
• exercise due diligence by reviewing the IAAE Canada Monthly Financial report and other pertinent material on the IAAE Canada website’s Director portal;
• the provision of general advice and guidance to assist the Board in financial, operational and human resource decisions pertaining to the IAAE Canada operations; and
• vote as necessary to establish a Directors’ Resolution.

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