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Clariant – is a global leader in the field of specialty chemicals with over 45 years of experience and leadership in aviation and runway de-icing.  Strong business relationships, outstanding service and a world class research team make Clariant your preferred partner in the aviation business.

Our products:

Safeway® environmentally safe and effective de-/anti-icers in solid and liquid form for runways, aprons, and taxiways. Safeway® SF and Safeway® KF have been awarded the ECO LOGO

Safewing® PG based Type I, III and IV aircraft de/anti-icing fluids.  Safewing® MP III 2031 ECO “One-Step” fluid De-ices like Type I & provides hold-over protection like a Type IV fluid

Reliable Service and Support - 24/7                Best in Class Performance                               On-time EVERY TIME                            1- 800-423-3375                                                     1-800-ICE-DESK

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