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Being positioned for the future of aviation requires an increased use of technologies that support best practices in tangible ways. Measuring the impact of actions and demonstrating their effectiveness are key when funds to support capital projects and operational initiatives are limited.

Waterloo, Ontario-based Acclivix Inc. has real experience in methods which drive safety forward, helping to ensure your airport’s ongoing success by

  • Developing and implementing effective Safety Management Systems

  • Integrating electronic airport inspection processes and management system software in support of processes

  • Writing processes and procedures which drive measurable performance

  • Producing communications programs that improve safety culture and increase participation in initiatives airport-wide

  • Providing training in Safety Management Systems and Human Factors and creating courses and eLearning modules specific to your airport’s requirements - particularly in the fields of safety, security, management and operations


We are proud to be the Canadian sales representative for OTW Safety, manufacturer of the highest-quality safety barricades on the market for airports, construction, security, crowd control and supplier of lights, flags and lighted runway closure markers, all of which are compliant with TP312 standards.

In partnership with Snowbird Ltd., we can connect you with Canada’s first tablet-based solution for runway surface condition reporting which now meets Global Reporting Format (GRF) requirements. Our partners at Vortex Software Inc. are the clear leaders when it comes to airport operations and safety management and can equip your airport to demonstrate regulatory compliance while improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

For more information, please contact: 

Currie Russell, A.A.E.
Phone: 416-347-7345