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Founded in 1946, the ACO Group is a world leader in drainage technology. Climate change sets us a challenge to react effectively with innovative solutions to new environmental conditions. With its integrated approach, ACO provides systems for professional surface water drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water. Products include:


surface water drainage
oil, sediment, heavy metal and grease separators
detention, retention and infiltration systems
flow control release products


Major innovative strengths of the ACO Group are its continuous research & development and technical expertise in the processing of polymer concrete, plastics, cast iron, stainless

steel and cement concretes.


ACO Canada was founded in Ontario, 2006. Since then, continuous growth in the Canadian market has seen the company expand with a new office and distribution centre in Burnaby, British Columbia. Today, ACO Canada has sales personnel across the country and an extensive distribution network through all provinces.


Over the last 18 years, ACO has supplied drainage and water management products to numerous Canadian airport projects, including Vancouver, Victoria, Prince Rupert, Edmonton, Calgary, Kitchener, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.


Protecting airport projects from the damaging effect of water, and water from pollution induced by human activities.


For more information, please contact:

Dinu Filip, P.Eng.