Airport Wildlife Control

Instructor: Lisa Davidson BSc, C.M., The Loomex Group

Course Description:

This two day course will cover Transport Canada training standards for those which have duties in the wildlife management plan including:

  • Nature and extent of the wildlife management problem;

  • Regulations, standards and guidance material related to airport wildlife management programs;

  • Bird ecology and biology;

  • Bird identification, including the use of field guides;

  • Mammal ecology and biology;

  • Mammal identification, including the use of field guides;

  • Any matter covered in the Wildlife Control Procedures Manual (TP 11500);

  • Any matter covered in the Sharing the Skies-An Aviation Industry Guide to the Management of Wildlife Hazards document (TP 13549);

  • Rare and endangered species and species of special concern, including related regulations and policies;

  • Habitat management;

  • Off-airport land use issues;

  • Active wildlife control measures;

  • Wildlife removal techniques;

  • Firearm safety;

  • Wildlife management planning; and

  • Development of awareness programs

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Module 1 – Nature & Extent of Wildlife Management Problem

  • Module 2 – Regulations & Standards

  • Module 3 – Bird Ecology & Biology

  • Module 4 – Bird Identification

  • Activity – Bird Identification

  • Module 5 – Mammal Ecology & Biology

  • Module 6 – Rare & Endangered Species

  • Module 7 – Habitat Management

  • Activity – Identification of Wildlife Areas at an Airport


Day 2

  • Module 8 – Off Airport Land Use Issues

  • Module 9 – Active Wildlife Control and Removing Techniques

  • Module 10 – Firearm Safety

  • Activity – Identification of Positive and Negative Management Techniques at Airport on site (Group and individual outdoor activity)

  • Module 11 – Wildlife Management Planning

  • Module 12 – Development of Awareness Programs

  • Activity – Prepare a Wildlife Management Plan


Participants will be able to recognize how to identify bird species on the Airport and to recognize strengths and weaknesses of wildlife control techniques implemented by various airports.


Method of Instruction and Percentage

  • Lecture Style = 70%

  • Group Work/Discussion = 20%

  • Individual Activities = 10%

Refund & Cancellation Policy


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  • Any costs incurred by registrants, such as hotel cancellation fees or airline penalties, are the responsibility of
    the registrants.

  • Registrations are transferable.

  • Cancellations will be accepted 30 days prior to the date of the course.

  • No-shows will be responsible for the course fees plus a $50 administration fee.