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This course is needed to keep you current in your people skills. Perhaps you would like to host this course, thereby saving you money? If so or just to get your questions answered, email and ask.

Presented by Gary Hook, acclaimed international public speaker and instructor, retired Air Force senior officer with more than 35 years experience, who will take your Managers, both experienced and new and give them the tools to make them great people employees.

General: A two day leadership/management course for those associated with the airport industry. While the material is not specific to airport, the intent is to link the material and concepts to practical application within the industry. The focus is to provide experienced executives with enhanced tools for better execution of their duties, provide them the wherewithal to elevate their personal effectiveness, and at the end of the workshop, ensure they leave focused and motivated to embrace the principles presented.

Topic Summary:

Personal Leadership – A two hour session that addresses several of the key attributes to be able to embrace today’s environment of change. There are three key messages to this session, specifically: vision, trust and the leadership process. Included in the process are such areas as managing self, managing attention, establishing long term effective relationships and congruency with one’s words.

Leading and Managing Change – It has oft been stated that one of today’s only constants is change; thus we will devote this session to identifying the realities of change and how to effectively develop a focused, practical and proactive approach to leading change.

Organizational Culture – The most difficult area to identify yet the most influential factor in the workplace is the culture of an organization. This will be a building block approach to developing an appreciation of culture and learning how to harness its potential towards enhanced organizational effectiveness. We will also explore the basic tenet of fostering commitment over compliance.

Communication Workshop: There will be four modules in this absolutely essential portion of the course.

An insightful look at assertive communication with a focus towards providing practical tips towards greater consistency.

The most overlooked yet most used tool is that of effective listening. Sadly the assumption that we can hear falsely suggests we know how to listen. We will look at how to powerfully develop active listening skill sets as well as broadening our understanding of the routine barriers to effective communication.

Unleashing the power of meetings, easily our ‘tool’ with the greatest untapped potential. We will examine how to take this oft despised reality and evolve it into our most powerful process

Email – the majority of companies use this the most, yet sadly, they do not provide the needed guidelines, conventions and formatting. We will develop these three capstone principles to fill this shortfall

Follow-Up and Feedback – we will address the tools required for consistent follow-up and feedback, easily the most often overlooked step in any process. We will develop the tools to turn those historic "lessons acknowledged" into Lessons Learned. Additionally we will address the human resource side of follow-up by specifically addressing key tools to providing effective feedback and criticism that will enhance performance vice creating dissatisfaction

Decision Making – Everything that is done in the workplace revolves around effective decision making. It has been called everything from risk management to recognition primed; however the basic principles remain the same regardless of the name. We will examine the challenges and human factors that can influence our decision making and discuss and develop tools to becoming more consistent and ultimately more effective

Transformational Leadership – At the end of the day what are we going to do when we get back to the workplace?

This wrap-up session will address how we take the theory and turn it into practice.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

IAAE Canada reserves the right to reschedule any program if the number of registrants is insufficient. In this event, we will notify all registrants and refund the registration fee in full.

• Any costs incurred by registrants, such as hotel cancellation fees or airline penalties, are the responsibility of
   the registrants.
• Registrations are transferable.
• Cancellations will be accepted 30 days prior to the date of the course.
• Cancellations within 30 days prior to the date of the course will incur a $50 administration fee.
• No-shows will be responsible for the course fees.

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