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Gibbings Consulting Ltd. is an engineering consulting firm based in Edmonton that specializes in all facets of Airport Electrical System Planning, Development, and Design. Our personnel have completed airport projects across Canada and Worldwide, at both large international and smaller regional/local airports.

We are experienced in the planning, design, construction management, and commissioning/certification of various airport electrical systems, including the following:

Airfield Electrical:

  • Approach Lighting Systems - SSALR, ODALs, ICAO Systems
  • Inset Lighting – Runway Centreline, Runway Touch-Down-Zone (TDZ), Taxiway Centreline, Stop-Bar
  • Runway, Taxiway, Apron Edge Lighting Systems
  • Runway Guard Lights (Wig-Wags)
  • Approach Slope Indicator Systems – PAPI
  • Airfield Signage – Illuminated, Fibre-optic
  • Illuminated Wind Direction Indicators
  • Apron Floodlighting
  • Field Electrical Centres (FEC)
  • Airfield Back-up Power Supply
  • Airfield Lighting Control Systems & ARCAL
  • Aerodrome Beacons
  • Obstruction Lighting
  • Power & Communication Feeds to Various Nav Aids (Localizer, Glide Path, DME, AWOS / Weather Monitoring Equipment, Receiver, VOR, etc.)
  • Other airfield electrical systems


Groundside Electrical:

  • Parking Lot & Roadway Lighting systems
  • Electrical Power Distribution systems
  • New Electrical Utility Service Installations
  • Communications Infrastructure


In addition, we are experienced in the following:

  • ACAP Application development for Electrical Projects
  • Electrical Facility Condition Assessments & Capital Planning
  • Preparation of Plan of Construction Operations (PCO)
  • Facility Record Drawing Surveys and Record Document Updates

For more information, please contact:

Tel: (780) 988-9313