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Tradewind Scientific Limited was incorporated in 1980 to provide technical measurement and monitoring services for the aviation industry along with associated equipment, support, and training. With its head office in Ottawa, the company's staff comprises a versatile team of scientists, engineers, and technicians, all with extensive airport project experience.

Tradewind Scientific Ltd. has been continuously active in the supply, operations, maintenance, and technical support of airport-safety-related products for over forty years. Current principal products comprise TRACR®-NG (compliant with the new GRF format) & AIM World Airfield Inspection Management Systems, SARSYS AB (Scandinavian Airport & Road Systems), Saab Surface Friction Testers, Findlay Irvine Ltd. GripTester and TES Instruments Electronic Decelerometers.


Along with extensive runway friction and roughness testing programs (at more than 100 airports over 40 years), Tradewind Scientific Ltd. is also involved in the design, installation, operations and maintenance of airport Air and Water Quality Monitoring Systems.


An intensive research and development combined with our years of practical experience ensures that Tradewind Scientific will remain, to airports large and small, a leading provider of friction measurement, airfield condition reporting, and environmental monitoring solutions.

For more information, please contact:

Rowan Taylor
Tel: 613-238-1246