AMSCR-GRF Recertification Course Package

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Created By: Terry Townshend I.Eng., C.ENV., MSOE, MIRTE.

Format: Online including; Final Exam and Certification

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Course Description

The AMSCR-GRF Recertification Course Package addresses the essential knowledge requirements of the AMSCR-GRF Course Package, including all the elements of CARs regulation 302.418 that require annual reconfirmation, but does not provide all of the in-depth knowledge provided in the full course.  This ‘Recert’ course is therefore considerably shorter than the full course and will take the participant correspondingly less time to complete.  There is no requirement to complete friction measurement practical testing for this course.

Successful completion of the AMSCR-GRF ‘Recert’ Course Package provides an extension of the AMSCR—GRF certification by one year.  It can be taken in the first and second years after completing the full course.  In the third year the full AMSCR-GRF Course Package must be taken again to maintain certification.  If a person has exceeded the period within which the ‘Recert’ course can be taken they must take the full AMSCR-GRF Course Packageto begin the cycle again.

Requirement for continuance of AMSCR-GRF Certification
Year 1: Complete full AMSCR-GRF Course Package
Year 2: Complete AMSCR-GRF Recert Course Package
Year 3: Complete AMSCR-GRF Recert Course Package
Year 4: Complete full AMSCR-GRF Course Package (three-year cycle repeats)

As per the above table, upon first completion of this course, a computer-based training (CBT) ‘certification extension’ certificate is issued confirming continuance of AMSCR-GRF certification for twelve months from the date of the original Certificate of Qualification issued by TTS. Upon second (‘year three’ in the table above) completion of this course, a second ‘Certification Extension’ certificate is issued attesting to continuance of AMSCR-GRF certification for twelve months from the date of the ‘year two’ ‘Certification Extension’.

Regulatory and critical regulator-advised (Advisory Circular) updates are included in each course and ‘Recert’ Course Package participants are welcome to join online AMSCR-GRF Mentoring sessions.

Course Prerequisites
Only those who have achieved one of the following may complete this course:

1. Within one year, successfully completed the full TTS/IAAE-Canada AMSCR-GRF Course Package and be in receipt of a Certificate of Qualification issued by TTS or
2. Within two years, successfully completed the full TTS/IAAE-Canada AMSCR-GRF Course Package and be in receipt of a Certificate of Qualification issued by TTS, plus, within one year of commencing this course, have successfully completed this course

Training Requirement
As per the 15th May 2020 amendments to the Aeronautics Act, all runway inspectors (RIs) will have to be trained and certified to file AMSCRs (NOTAMJs / RCRNOTAMs). The new AMSCR-GRF Course Package provides training and certification based on safe and best practice and the requirements of the Aeronautics Act and current Advisory Circulars (ACs) including AC 300-019.
This course has been designed and produced over twenty months to provide experienced and novice CPs alike gain and demonstrate the knowledge they need to competently perform Runway Inspector (RI) and to demonstrate their competence, both in the field and through federal government certification.

Please Note:
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