Virtual HF in Aviation

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Virtual Human Factors in Aviation

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Instructor: Gaurav Sharma

Duration: 4 hours + 1/2hr lunch break

Dates & Locations:

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Course Access will be sent to Registered Participants via Zoom Meeting

Course Schedule:
These sessions will be presented at 10 am to 2:30 pm (EST) with a 1/2 hour lunch

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Course Description:  In this course, participants will learn about human characteristics and psychological and physiological factors that enhance accident probability. Human error has contributed to over 80% of aviation incidents. The course highlights how everyday stresses can contribute to accidents/incidents in the workplace and provides workers with the awareness to mitigate risks. This interactive course is custom designed to the
needs of the client.

Course Topics:
♦ Introduction to Human Factors  ♦ Human Physiology and Flight  ♦ Hyperventilation and Hypoxia
Vision and Visual Illusions  ♦ Hearing and Balance  ♦ Stress, Anxiety and Depression  ♦ Fatigue and Sleep
Human Information Processing  ♦ Judgement and Decision Making  ♦ Crew Resource Management and Communication  ♦ Threat and Error Management ♦ First Aid and Survivability


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